Discover New Courses and Play More Golf with People Like You

Welcome to LynksIn Golf Club

We are the fastest growing network of golfers and courses in the country, offering over 2,000 golf courses and 3,000+ golfing members to connect and play golf with. Lynksin is building a community for golfers whereby our members can independently coordinate weekly golf pairings and matches, engage socially, sign up for golf outings, tournaments and participate in our LynksIn member only weekly PGA fantasy contests. We are a Golf Club designed for the passionate golfer, who enjoys playing new courses and creating new golf experiences.

Your Very Own Golf Concierge

Ever wanted your very own golf concierge to create golf matches with people you will enjoy playing with? Let our AI technology do the matching for you and make foursome recommendations. Eliminate the hassle of coordinating and scheduling tee times and players. Connect, and widen your access to clubs.

“I like the variety that Lynksin provides. A membership at LynksIn gives me the flexibility to gain access to private courses that I have never played before. The LynksIn app is great and so easy to use.”

- Tom D – Member since 2019

We Are the Golfer's Network.

Expand your golf circle. Gain access to fantastic private and public courses. Create a match-play environment with multiple levels of fun wagering games on the course. Consistently create a like “member/guest” experience when playing a round.

"You guys nailed it with the Skins Fantasy Golf Contest for the Masters! The live Skins Leaderboard kept me entertained all weekend. Can’t wait to play again next week!”

- Jimmy – Member since 2020

Membership Benefits

Gain Access to Great Courses and a Great Network.  LynksIn Golf has created a network for golfers to experience new courses, expand their golf circles, and ultimately forge new and lasting friendships.

Variety, Play More Private Courses

  • 900+ Private Clubs and over 2,000 courses within our network.
  • Access to our Private Member Network to search and accept weekly golf matches and/or request to play specific courses.
  • Concierge service available as needed to assist in coordinating.
  • Ability to bring guests.

Like Minded Members

  • The LynksIn Golf Club Member Profile. All our members can view other member profiles to gain an insight on their background, interests, golfing preferences and golf skills in an attempt to provide some transparency before you tee it up. Member Profiles serve as the foundation for our members in making new connections and friendships.
  • We build a compatibility score that constantly evolves over time based on your activities in the club to further assist in engaging and expanding your golf circle in our club.
  • Technology – The Right Foursome makes all the difference! There is a reason why we play with the people we play with – it’s fun! Lynksin Golf is the only club utilizing AI technology that makes suggestions for golf connections and foursomes across our network based on your background, golfing preferences and golf skills.

Letter from Our Founders

LynksIn Golf Club (LGC) was founded in 2019, by two Founders who wanted to create a unique golf club experience for passionate and avid golfers across the country. Founders Rob Headley and Doug Karo’s vision was to create a club where members could easily connect and gain access to an expansive network of clubs and members, and by doing so, expand our members golf circles with like golfers similar to the players they currently play with.   If we are successful on that front, then we truly afford our members the freedom to go play anywhere in our network, knowing they are going to have a good day on the course.   This is our objective:  More Golf, More Courses, with More People.

Post COVID playing restrictions, 2021 was a year of tremendous growth for LGC. LynksIn Golf Club currently has members across 42 states and offers over 900 private clubs. 

We spent the last two years developing our mobile technology platform that enables our members to easily navigate across our membership. Advanced sorting and filter capabilities allows our members to quickly identify other members & clubs they would want to play.   With the size of our club that continues to grow, it is essential we develop mobile technology that empowers our members to self-engage.

We continue to be a work in progress, as we build out the LGC’s footprint and expand our service levels. We are excited about the future and how we can impact the landscape of golf.

LynksIn Golf Club Co-Founders Doug Karo & Rob Headley

The LynksIn Golf Club Vision

Inside of three years, our vision is to create a national network of 25,000 golfers, across 10,000+ golf courses and thus fundamentally change the overall dynamics of how golfers today schedule a round of golf and coordinate foursomes. Our vision is to create the most expansive and inclusive network of golfers, allowing our members to forge new golf circles across the broadest range of both private and public golfers in the history of the game. A membership of golfers with a common bond for the passion of playing golf and embracing the traditions golf represents. No more 1st tee pairing surprises!

The Golf Experience

We believe “The Who” you play with is as important as is “The Where” you play. A great course without a foursome you enjoy playing with, makes for a long day. Golfers have always struggled when playing outside of their home club in being paired up with a group of golfers similar to those they regularly play with. It is time for a change! LynksIn Golf is creating an advanced AI technology platform to allow our members to search and be connected to “like minded golfers” to play with across our membership. Our platform will allow our members “on demand” to schedule and coordinate weekly golf matches locally and nationally. The main goal is to ensure the 1st tee pairing extends to the 19th hole vs the parking lot.

Our Technology

Golf’s Most Innovative AI Compatibility and Matching Technology

  • AI Technology. When creating your member profile on your background, interests, golfing preferences and golf skills, you will be empowering our matching engine to surface recommended players for you to connect with and play golf. 
  • Golf on Demand in the palm of your hand!  Members can view open matches and opt in to play or request to play a member’s course.
  • Advanced Sorting and Filter capabilities allows you to easily navigate across our network of clubs and members. Ability to sort by City, State, Distance, Age and Handicap.
  • Chat functionality allows our members to communicate prior to a match or simply coordinate a spur of the moment golf match. A little banter never hurts.
  • LynksIn Wallet handles all financial transactions for our Fantasy Golf Contests. Being released this Spring, new wallet functionality will extend to green fees and golf outing registrations. 
  • On the course Wagering. Our members can create a match and select one of many popular wagering games to play and select dollar amounts prior to teeing it up.  Games such as Nassau, Skins, Close Out and many options for junk categories and values.
  • New compatibility scoring, coming this Spring. This is going to be a powerful way to surface “Like Members” like you to make suggested golf connections and pairings.  Imagine expanding your current golf circle by 10X.

Tournaments & Events

LynksIn gives members access to many golf events and tournaments each season throughout the country. Our 2022 schedule will be available to all LynksIn Golf Members this spring.

LynksIn Golf Tournaments 2021

LynksIn Private Event, Fenway Park, 2021

Fantasy Golf

Exclusively Available to All Lynksin Golf Members

LynksIn Golf offers members a special SKINS format with cash prizes awarded for each contest.  Participate in weekly PGA Tour Events.  View the 2022 Season Schedule HERE.